Big Analytics 2013 San Francisco was held May 1st. Attendees learned about the convergence of data science, digital marketing, data warehousing, Hadoop, and discovery platforms. This event went beyond the “big data” hype to show how these technologies are being applied to drive real business innovation.

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Keynote Presentation

  • Dan Vesset

    Dan Vesset, Program VP, Business Analytics and Search & Content Analytics, IDC

    The Real Impact of Big Data & Analytics

    It's time to move beyond defining big data and discuss what it is or isn't. The broader business analytics and big data market stands at close to $100 billion and has begun to have a real impact on the world economy. Examples across industries point to projects with quantifiable benefits from unlocking existing and new information assets. In this session, you will learn best practices for creating a big data and analytics strategy. The presentation will provide recommendations on the short and intermediate-term help your organization needs to advance to higher levels of big data and analytics maturity by leveraging the shifting economics of big data resources.


8:30-10:00am Registration and Breakfast / Exhibit Hall
10:00-10:10am Bill Franks
Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata
Keynote Speaker
12:30-2:00pm Lunch / Exhibit Hall
Session Track Big Data Architecture Data Science Data Driven Marketing
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3:30-4:30pm Panel: Architecting for “Big Data” in the Enterprise
• What is key to enterprise adoption of new technologies?
• Lessons learned on the front lines
• Putting new insights into action in the business
Panel: Data Science past, present and future trends
• How did we get here? An historic perspective. Tools and skills no longer needed.
• Current trendy skills and Data Science tools.
• The Silicon Valley Data Scientist vs. the rest of the world.
• The future. What do we know about the unknown?
Panel:  Marketing and IT – what should the relationship look like?
• On which initiatives should Marketing and IT collaborate to accomplish?  Which initiatives are better left to each area?
• Convergence of CMO and CIO
• What does each side wish the other knew?
• Does marketing need to clear technology purchases with IT?  What about cloud-based solutions?
• Do technology support functions belong in IT or Marketing?
4:30-6:30pm Networking Reception / Exhibit Hall


InterContinental San Francisco – Hotel

Contact: 1-415-616-6500       Address: 888 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

The InterContinental San Francisco is located at Howard and 5th streets, next to Moscone West Convention Center in downtown San Francisco. The hotel towers 32 stories above the South of Market neighborhood. http://www.intercontinentalsanfrancisco.com/